The health benefits of Shaoxing Rice Wine 绍兴黄酒花雕酒的食疗养生功效

Drink to good health - The health benefits of Shaoxing Rice Wine

Shaoxing Rice Wine is made of glutinous rice, millet and other grains. It is mellow, soft, clear and rich, and this is the vitality of nature and a gift of time.

Rich in amino acids

In addition to alcohol and water, the main components of rice wine also contain 18 kinds of amino acids, 8 of which are necessary for the human body to synthesise by itself. The content of these 8 kinds of amino acids in rice wine is higher than that of other alcoholic beverages with the same amount.

Easy to digest

Shaoxing Rice Wine contains many nutrients that are easily digested by the human body, such as maltose, glucose, and lipids, glycerin, vitamins and organic acids, etc.

Relaxes the body and activate blood circulation

Drinking rice wine warm in winter can promote blood circulation and dispel cold, activate the body. Appropriate consumption helps blood circulation, promotes metabolism, and can nourish blood and the skin.

Rich in B vitamins

Shaoxing Rice Wine is a good source of B vitamins, rich in vitamins B1, B2, niacin, and vitamin E. Has a positive effect on the skin and slows aging.

Stimulates appetite

Zinc is an important component of metabolism and protein synthesis. When zinc is deficient, appetite and sense of taste will decrease. The zinc content in Shaoxing Rice Wine is abundant and helps promoting appetite.