"A Yearly Splendour" Christmas Extravaganza hosted by Shaoxing Rice Wine Australia

"A Yearly Splendour" Christmas Extravaganza hosted by Shaoxing Rice Wine Australia

On the evening of December 12, 2023, Shaoxing Rice Wine Australia hosted the "Yearly Splendour 2023 Christmas Banquet" at the Golden Territory Seafood Restaurant at Campsie. The banquet was graced by over 70 distinguished guests, including representatives from the Sydney Chinese business associations, representatives from the catering industry, and important clients of Shaoxing Rice Wine Australia.

Before the formal dinner commenced, each guest was invited to taste the Shaoxing Rice Wine cocktail, featuring oolong tea and aged Shaoxing wine, adorned with blood orange and osmanthus, received unanimous praise for its refreshing and gentle taste, and sweet fragrance from the attending guests.

The event venue was adorned with a "Red Packet Wall," and each guest received a Christmas gift from Shaoxing Rice Wine Australia - the "Chinese Zodiac" potted select valued at $99 AUD, along with exquisite present.

The Golden Territory Seafood Restaurant crafted a diverse array of dishes for this occasion. Renowned chef Mr. Zhang Xu combined the richness of 10 year aged Shaoxing Rice Wine's with exquisite Australian seafood, which is the undisputed highlights of the evening.

Special thanks to Shaoxing Rice Wine Australia's strategic partner, Lucsong Jewellery, for contributing a pair of handmade pearl earrings valued at $1800 AUD as a lucky draw prize for the event.

The banquet was filled with heartfelt blessings, gourmet dishes and exquisite wines. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to all the guests, sponsors and staff. Wishing everyone:

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! May good fortune be with you!

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