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What is Shaoxing?

Just like Hunter Valley to red wine, Shaoxing is the city in southern China famous for rice wine making and its inherited culture.

What makes Shaoxing Rice Wine unique?

With over 2,500 years of history, Shaoxing Rice Wine is one of the oldest wines in the world together with beer and liquor.

A culturally unique wine to pair with Asian cuisine.

It’s name is sometimes used interchangeably with Chinese yellow wine, yellow wine is what people in China traditionally call it for its unique amber colour.

What is Gu Yue Long Shan?

The most prestige and well-known Shaoxing Rice Wine brand.

It’s the only alcoholic beverage of choice in the highest level of international events representing China. (Such as the 2016 G20 summit in Hangzhou / 2019 World Expo in Shanghai / 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.)

What are the ingredients?

Glutinous rice, wheat and natural lake water.

Why age it for such a long time?

Shaoxing Rice Wine is often called “the old wine / 老酒”.

Its tasting profile matures with time. Aging in clay pots allows it to breath and slowly develop complexity.

How does it taste?

It is definitely an acquired taste of the East.


Amber Gold in colour, bright, shiny, and the crystal clear


Complex fragrance, nutty, chestnut, lotus leaf, mushroom with tinge of honey


Full-bodied, refreshing, umami, rich, complex & nutty, off dry finish with an endless aftertaste

What food does it pair with?

Heavier / meatier dishes and seafood, especially dishes traditionally cooked with rice wine. It also accentuates umami, pairs well with lighter & seafood dishes.

What makes it different from Japanese Sake?

Raw materials are similar, Shaoxing Rice Wine however, is deeply rooted in its traditional brewing process, the resulted wine is deeper in colour, more fragrant in aroma and more complex in flavour.

What is its serving temperature?

Drink slightly warmed to get the full experience of Shaoxing Rice Wine.

What makes it different from Chinese cooking wine?

Chinese rice wine used for cooking has added spices and it is never intended to match the complexity of Shaoxing Rice Wine.

Want to find out more?

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