Shaoxing Rice Wine food pairing - 黄酒醉蟹

Exploring china's tradition of pairing crabs with Shaoxing Rice Wine

In China, the custom of savouring crabs with Shaoxing Rice Wine has an extensive history. When combining rice wine and crabs, a cultivated sense of pleasure naturally arises, creating enduring memories of enjoying crabs and toasting with rice wine, resulting in a fulfilling experience.

Shaoxing Rice Wine food pairing - 黄酒醉蟹Shaoxing Rice Wine food pairing - 黄酒醉蟹Shaoxing Rice Wine food pairing - 黄酒醉蟹

The success of the ideal pairing of Shaoxing Rice Wine with fresh water hairy crabs is attributed to the wine's abundance of amino acids and esters, which enrich the sweetness of crab meat, eliminate unwanted fishy scents, and counteract the richness of crab roe, further enhancing its delightful taste.

Further, in line with traditional Chinese medicine, fresh water crabs are inherently cooling and thus recommended in moderation, while Shaoxing Rice Wine itself offers warmth, making it a suitable choice for consumption in autumn and winter, encouraging blood circulation, dispelling cold, and providing stomach warmth. The contrast between the crab's coolness and the wine's warmth harmonies the experience, reducing any potential discomfort during the meal.

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