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Warmer & Decanter 4 Piece Set for Shaoxing Rice Wine

Warmer & Decanter 4 Piece Set for Shaoxing Rice Wine

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An exquisite gift for wine lovers!

Wondering how to properly enjoy Shaoxing Rice Wine? Make your experience even better with this Rice Wine Warmer & Decanter Set! 

Add hot water to the outer layer, warm for 4-5 minutes and enjoy!

This decanter set will also keep your wine warm, allowing you to savour every sip. Make your meals even more memorable. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!


  • Enjoy every sip with home-made dishes
  • Warm with hot water for 4-5 minutes and enjoy!
  • 4-piece warmer & decanter set
  • Made with quality porcelain
  • Includes: 2 cups, 1 warmer & 1 decanter
  • Comes with gift box

Food Pairings

Shaoxing Rice Wine is best served slightly warmed to release its unique flavour and aroma.

Pairs well with heavier, meatier dishes, especially those with a touch of sweetness and funk like slow braised beef and chicken dishes. It also brings out spices and umami in seafood like sashimi, BBQ prawns and steamed crabs. 

Storage Instructions

Store in room temperature and keep refrigerated after opening. To maintain quality, please consume as soon as possible after opening.

Got a question about this wine? Feel free to contact us anytime!

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